April 29, 2012


if you want to stand for the right thing,just do it in a proper way..
that's all..
that is your choice..you think riot can solve your problem,just go ahead..but do it in a right way..
bayangkan bersih 3.0 pun masuk 9gag..wow..haha..
now,malaysia is well known about this sort of things..
not well known about professor get nobel prize or whatever that is related to academic or economic..
erm..let's settle down this thing..cukup-cukuplah huru harakan negara..
kite just nantikan sambungan mereka yg ke 4,5,6 dan yg x taw bila akan habes..
erm..kepada students2 yg fanatik bagai nak gila tu,cool down babeyh...haha..
pemimpin pny hal kau pulak yg beria kan..baek kau pergi balik,baca buku kat rumah..
kenapa risau sgt pasal ptptn tu? kena bayar 3 % ? erm,dah kau pinjam dgn ptptn,kenalah bayar balik..
cube kau pinjam dgn bank,lagi tinggi bunga dy..erm,so,pilihlah nak mana satu..
so,better study hard..be the best n beat the rest..once you be the best,ramai tawaran datangkat hampa,bukan hampa ygpi dok pinjam dgn org..
penuhkan ilmu di dada,so,people will respect you..if you are dummy or lack of knowledge,
people will look down to you.. :D

April 23, 2012

i'm meltingg ~~

thomas mcdonell...
hero in prom :)
he is still cute eventhough has long hair =,=

this guy is so muchh awesome in battleship babe..
i adore u alex hopper..

April 11, 2012

jaw drop..

 Ashton Kutcher Will Award ACM's Female Vocalist of Year Sunday | Ashton Kutcher

he's single now after divorce with demi moore..
he is ready for the spotlight again ! hehe..

pray for acheh

April 7, 2012

sg. klah hotsprings,sungkai,perak..

elective group 8
ana mercury
anis fatina
alyaa amalina
afifah suheimi
azmi sukor ( the only guy ) haha..

we will do a research about benefits of hotspring on blood pressure,pulse rate,temperature and also to our skin..
this place is soo amazing..
i love the environment..really peaceful n beautiful place too..

April 6, 2012

chillis :)






i'm craving for these..
water drop from my mouth...