May 16, 2012


i just bought new i pad..hewhewhew
i pad baru nie best..for those yg nak beli ipad,better you buy the new one terus
because the camera is HD and 5 megapixel compared to normal one is just
1.3 megapixel if i'm not mistaken..
plus,the processor also better..
yg laen tu same je dgn i pad2..
the reasons why i bought ipad are
as SU mesta kena lah up-to-date..huahua..byk benda nak kena buat...too many things to,just use this maa..mane2 pergi pun i can do my job..easy isn't it?
second one aku akan masuk clinical year x lama,byk benda that i can search just using my i pad..bawak je pergi hospital..x payah nak bawak laptop yg berat tu..:P
application apple pun best..just try one and i'm sure that you will not reget...hehe

testing its camera..but this one is using front camera so,it is not so sharp..

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Diayana Amirah said...

Fuyyooo.. Ipad.. Untong lah. hehe