July 2, 2014


Falling in love with the SAME guy for 7 years.
and he left you, gave a lot of reasons and for sure said that this is the best for us right now.
and i'm here waiting for the thing that is just unsure.
whether you come back to me for good or not or you not come back to me at all.
pedih memang pedih.
TUHAN je yang tahu macam mana rasa orang yang kita sayang just left you without saying any words.
just have faith in Allah.
because our fate all in HIS hand. Kita sebagai hambanya hanya mampu berdoa.
knowing you for the past 7 years is TOTALLY a memorable moment.
you treat me well. Bersyukur dapat kenal orang yang baik, responsible like you.
Allah pinjamkan awak, family awak to me walaupun sekejap and i'm soo grateful for that.
your family are soo nice. they treat me well.
kalau perpisahan ini yang awak rasa terbaik untuk kita and of course not good to me,
kalau ini awak rasa terbaik untuk awak, then i will just back off.
nothing i can do just pray the best for you.
you can achieve whatever you want in your life. you want to be a great engineer, just go ahead.
but please, at least remember me eventhough now you had put me in different page. Because i will never able to forget you, to hate you. 


Cimot said...

Lama awak x update. Tiba tiba update psl ni. Hmm. Be strong ya awak. I don't know the story but I'm sure Allah has better and perhaps the best plan for you. We just don't know the future. Whatever it is, stay strong. :)

mercury_gurl said...

Ermm, awakk. thanks a lot. Sekarang masih lagi dalam proses move on, tapi kalau teringat tu menangis lagi :(