June 16, 2011


hello peeps..
i'm bored to death right now..haha..now,i'm in semester break.11 july i'll going back to uitm for sem 3..can't wait any longer babeyh..miss uitm a lot! hahah..miss my gorgeous friends..miss my dedicated lecturer..huuu...
while i was blogwalking,i found something that is interesting maybe~
maybe it can fulfill my boring time..hahaha..
act,i don't really like to do da day-to-day task bcoz i don't have ideas to write..
now.let's see the task..ohhhooooo~~

Day 1 — Your favorite song
Day 2 — Your favorite movie
Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.
Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend.
Day 5 – What makes you different from everyone else?
Day 6 – A song to match your mood.
Day 7 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.
Day 8 – A picture of your favourite memory
Day 9 – Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
Day 10 – A photo of the item you last purchased.
Day 11 – 5 facts about you.
Day 12 – A photo of something that makes you happy.
Day 13 – What kind of person attracts you?
Day 14 – Who are you?
Day 15 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.
Day 16 – Something you don’t leave the house without.
Day 17 – How you hope your future will be like.
Day 18 – 5 things that irritate ME about opposite/same sex
Day 19 – A picture of something you want to do before you die
Day 20 – The meaning behind your blog name.
Day 21 – A photo of your favorite place to eat.
Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.
Day 23 – Your dream wedding.
Day 24 – A photo of something that means a lot to you.
Day 25 – Short term goals for this month and why
Day 26 – A photo of somewhere you want to go.
Day 27 – A picture of your favourite band or artist
Day 28 – In this past month, what have you learned?
Day 29 – Something you could never get tired of doing.
Day 30 – A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

ahhhaaahaa..adakah~1 month peeps??
can i finish it?
k la..
x sbr nk wat nie..

let's move to day 1..my fav song..

waaa...i have a lots of my fav songss..er..ape ea..
haa...currently,i really love to hear this song..

;; malay song

lagu : kisah hati..
lagu nie sedih n best!
suara alyah mmg best..
dy citer pasal pengantin yg tidak berkesampaian nk jd pengantin la..
coz the bridegroom passed away during their wedding day..
jgnla jd kat aku..takot kan..kalo aku la,xde nye sempat nak menyanyi..
nanges je la keje nya.haha..

;;then,english song

lagu : lazy song
waaa..bruno mars there..'pengsan' #$%%
hahah..den momang minat sore dy..
bole robak luluh coir hati den donga sore dy..
haha..dlm video klip dy..bruno mars dance with those cutie monkeys as well ; )
mmg lawak dorg dance..mcm2 style..haha

chorus : 
Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone
'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything
Nothing at all, nothing at all...........

i wish that i also wanna lay in my bed too without doing nothing yaww!

;;hindustan song

lagu : kal ho naa ho
lagu nie sedih..i'll always in tears when i watch the movie n hear the song..
actor n actress dy sume aku minat especially shah rukh khan n beautiful pretty zinta..
lagu tu aku minat sgt2 smpai dgr byk2 kali pun x jemu..
tp skrg dah muak la..hahah

eh2..ade ag satu lagu yg aku suke dgr..haha...tp jrg bole dpt nyanyi this song...
...........uitm song.......

chorus : 

jangan mudah terlupa..
pengorbanan perjuangan anak bangsa...

jangan mudah terleka..
kemajuan,keamanan yang ada..

berterima kasih..
pada pemimipin2 negara...

rasa penuh bersyukur..
kemuliaan,kerahmatan darinya...
haaa...best kan3?

k,la...thanks for reading this entry.....
bubye peeps..

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