October 9, 2011

Pencarian 50 blogger oleh Chegu Zubir

hye peeps..
this is my blog..
just few words to introduce my blog..just few words okay..haha

okay,people asking me why must mercury?
just bcoz tyme form 4 dulu,i love chemistry very much !!
that's all..haha..tyme 2 bnyak pulak belajar pasal mercury kann..

okay,this blog is just simply written bout my life,study n so on..
kalau ade tips or bende2 yg terase nak share pun,i'll write it on..

i'm blogging is not for famous..
just because i love to write..but i love to talk too..haha!
no wonder they called me mamarazzi..
okay,dah ana..sebelum melalut ke
perkare yang lebih panjang lebar,better i stop here..huhu..

k,till then peeps..

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