June 2, 2012


alhamdulillah,i got a call from faculty for Advance Medical Science..(AMS) program..
what is AMS? ams is a preparation that done by preclinical students before they are going to take masters..
they learn how to conduct a research,how to deal with people,give a talk in front of many people not just in malaysia but also over sea...but..but..buttock..hehe..i must delay one year of my studies..damnn!!
i dont want to delay,even it is just for one year but it is still quite long for me..huhu..
but there are pros and cons doing ams..
by doing ams,u got double degrees..one degree in bachelor of medicine and the other one is in advance medical science..yes,it's sounds great//and these students that under ams have learnt about 70-75% about conduct a research..so,they have grab the basic things so when they want to do masters,it will be easier..
but,unfortunately,i cant see the pros..hahaha..i just can see the cons..being together with juniors for 3 years..eurghh! such an annoying thing..haha..because i just close with few of them..
so,i agreed,i have made my decision,i dont want to take the AMS program..and i'm sure that many of my friends are interested in it and still want to do the ams..
chaiyyok2,lets start our new chapter at hospital sungai buloh..huhu..


aunnn. said...

haiiii stalker here.. hahaha.
bukan double degree aaa.. (johan btau) grad mbbs WITH AMS. heeeeheee

mercury_gurl said...

haha..yeke..lagi x berminat lah aku dgn AMS nie kalau mcm tu..huhu

Ummi Najlaa said...

cayok2! harap tak terlmbt tuk aku menyibuk~ hihi