July 7, 2011

day 10 ~ a photo of the item you last purchased

hello peeps..
act,i don't remember well what is the item that i last purchased..haha
* short-term-memory* pity me..
xpe2..yg penting skrg,aku tgh bace satu novel english nie entitled BIG GIRL..
written by DANIELLLE STEEL..
her story is quite interesting but a bit long explanation ( make me feel sleepy)
bygkan,dah beli 3 hari lepas,tp x habeh2 ag aku bace...hoho..
bukan nak kate citer nie x best..citer nie best la! 
byk motivation dy kasi,i like..

hohoho..cik niko pun nak bace gak..alolo..
bace atas cik niko nie mksudnye x lame lah tu..
novel nie pulak yg bace aku..haha!

big girl :

A chubby little girl with an ordinary looks,Victoria Dawson
has always felt out of place in her family..while her parents and sister,Grace can eat anything
n not gain an ounce,Victoria must watch everything she eats,as well as endure her father's
belittling comments about her body..the one thing she know
is that she has to get away from her home n moves to New York..

Victoria very close to her sister,Grace..so,when Grace announces her engagement to
a man who is an exact replica of their narcissistic father,Victoria worries
about her sis's happiness and with no man of her own,she feels like a failure once again..

Behind Victoria is a lifetime of hurt..ahead is a challenge and a risk : to accept herself
as she is,celebrate it..


wink3* i'll try to motivate myself..
be like victoria..no matter what people say bout her,she still standing right
n believe in herself..
what differentiate me n victoria is she is a big girl,while i'm a small girl..mehehe!

it's okay to be different...
now on,we'd better be,if we're going to make something of ourselves!

bubye peeps..
thanks for reading this entry ;)

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