January 10, 2012


damn hard..
stop thinking about what you had answered..
eventhough it still comes across in my mind..
soalan dy mcm nak bagi aku fail pun ada jugak..gila susah..
just relax..focus on the next paper..
anatomy always disappoint me..every sem anatomy is the killer subject..
oiii,how come i want to be a surgeon if my anatomy is poor??
haaahh! i don't know what to do now..just hoping for the best tomorrrow...
congratulations to the lecturers for making such gila-mendidih-otak-nak-jawab questions..
sakit hati jugak aku nengok soalan tadi..
ah,lantaklah..dah lepas dah pun..
okay,can't wait any longer to finish the final exam...
kalau habes,rasa mcam satu batu besar hilang dr kepala..
haha..k,daa peeps..to those who doesn't finish the final yet,happy answering the questions..


syapa tomei ^^ said...

ana!! hihi ^^ sgt3 btol!! nape le nk bg soklan yg wat otak mendidih n terdidih..haha...pape pn dh hbes sudah!! gud luck ae ana..smoge kite sme2 brjaye!!

mercury_gurl said...