November 26, 2011

" Contest Skin Care & Health Care by Qma "

hye peeps..
come on,jom join this contest..
such an interesting contest by qma..
if u want to join,just click the banner :)

okay,i will list my skin products that i use right not using
such an expensive things such as SK2..that crazy things will make my head bald!
no need shaver..that things will shave my money away..haha..
but i feel grateful bcoz i do not have skin problem..
aku x pernah tumbuh jerawat penuh satu muka..
just once,when i was in form 2,pimples on my forehead never stop growing..
then,my nenek ask me to put slices of cucumber to get rid of them..
alhamdulillah,after one year my face return to normal..haha..

but then, i still use skin products now to keep my skin fresh n get a protection from uv light..
u know  that uv light can harm our skin?
over exposure to uv  light from the sun can cause cancer in certain people that lack of  pigment..
they can penetrate deeply into our skin and damage the collagen..that's why we must use compact powder or sun a skin product that include for uv's good to protest our lovely face isn't it..
orang yang have a fair skin have less pigment compare to dark skin people..
that's why caucasion (omputih ) selalu ade black spots on their skin after they're having sunbathing..

okay,dari aku terus merepek pasal kulit..just move on to my skin products..

garnier light..
it is for whitening and even moisterizing with spa 17..
it also can reduce black spot..
day after day, skin become visibly fairer and glowing with healthy radiance..
i satisfy with this product because i don't need a whitening cream..
at least, it can save my budget..hehe..


seriously this is such a good product..
this bb cream has a lot of funtions just in a bottle..
it is for whitening,has uv protection but the spa is higher than garnier before..
means that,it protect our skin more from uv light,as my friend,waton said..haha..
i do not apply this two products all together..
if i feel lazy to wear garnier,i just wear bb cream..
because both of them have the same function..
if i wear this two products together,my face will be like hantu kak limah..haha
putih semacam je..
bytheway,if u guys want to order this bb cream..just inform me okay at the comments or shoutbox..
my friend kak izzah sells this product with a special price..


i wear this mask only once a week..
just to feel fresh and release tension,just put it on your face..
the price also affordable..

this is my picture before i'm using these products..

wahhhh..kasi besau cket kann..
nahhh.aku tempek gambar aku tyme form 3..hohoho..gelak sekarang..laugh my ass off!
aku yang kanan sekali tu..yang tudung pun besar lebih dari tuan..haha
hitam legam tyme nie coz i quite active this time..
active ke? lumba lari pun asyik dapat num last..haha..
time to rewhite my skin?
rewhite? bahasa ape jadah la aku gune nie..haha
recover..haa..recover my original skin colour from tanned skin colour..rahaha..
koyaa..mcm hang tu putih sgt..hehe..


this picture was at first day raya..
no more "belangness" at my face..rahaha..

fuhh..penat aku membebel pasal product2 nie..penat selongkar gambar lama kat fb..haha..
i don't have picture when i was in form that time there's no fb yet right? haha..just friendster..
nie garnier n bb cream manager must pay me more because promoting their products..hehe..
perasan je kan..

bytheway.. i want to tag

anis athia

okay..that's all peeps..
bye..sleep tight :)


syapa said...

hehe ana...zmn muda mudi...sme le kitew...gelap ko ttp comei...jgn riso..hee ^^

mercury_gurl said...

haha..mane ade..lawak kalau bukak balik gambo dolu2..

unoewhoo said...

ana.. ko x tgk ag gmbo ic aq..cun mlecun hotmlepop pop pop...i hate pix IC!! huuu -..-

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