November 16, 2011

self heating sauna mask...

terase mcm kat sauna la u olls..
haha..nak g sauna x berkesempatan lg..
so,just grab garnier self heating sauna mask at guardian store nearby you..

the application is simple :)

just apply one sachet of the mask onto your whole face..but,wash your face first before apply it..
then,leave it on for 3 minutes..
wash it off..

erm,just three simple steps..
you will feel warm because of its sauna effects..
okay,mask nie akan compress kita pny it will easier for zinc and clay penetrate
deeply into the pores to remove the impurities in your face..
mask nie jugak akan remove excess sebum so it will unclog the pores..

tryla for those yg x try jgkla..
lepas basuh tu,kulit rase smooth je..
pipi bagai pauh dilayang bak kate pepatah melayu..ecehh..haha..
n bile korg apply nie mmg akan rase warm..but do not worry,it will cause no harm to your skin..hhaha..
no irrtitation,no itchiness..

selamat mencuba peeps..! 

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