November 11, 2011

It's True But It's Hurt..

but..can you make it..?? haa ??
can you see someone crying because you're honestly telling the truth..
it is not as easy as u think..

i do not know whether i can go through this moment or not..
telling my patients that they're having kind of incurable disease,
cancer or what so ever n cannot live longer..
i hate that kind of things..
see their dull face n crying all the day after knowing their disease..
but,as a doctor-to-be..i must face it as it is my responsibility..
no matter hard it matter how tough it is..

mood : sedih..:( ( reflected from 1 litre of tears )


Syed Amir said...

bagitau yang benar, at least boleh wat preparation nak mati. boleh taubat dulu. contoh lau ada diabetes, dia boleh kurangkan makan gula. kalau x bagitau mati lagi cepat. tapi kalau takut sangat, suruh nurse bagitau la

mercury_gurl said...

haha..boleh taubat dulu x menahan tu..dalam proses nak kuatkan hati nie..haha..