November 19, 2011


banyak sahabat di dunia nie..
tp kita kena la pandai cari sahabat..
sahabat gembira mmg banyak,tp sahabat berduka,mcm mane?
kawan yang dapat terima kita seadanya,boleh share problems together, itulah sahabat sejati..

picture that reflected sahabat dunia akhirat :

damsels :) always be with me..kenal tyme asasi ag sampai sekarang..

nealsa :) three musketeers..
know each other since form 3..
n get close when form 5..

gege :)
my study group..we're not just sharing about study,but our problems too..

these are friends that are really close to me..
i love them very much !

okay,for those yang nak join,just click the banner okay..
the conditions also simple..

have a nice day :)

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