December 30, 2011


i'm doing this because it is amanah from allah to me..
never give up but actually you're already give up inside..
do motivate yourself everyday...
don;t be a useless doctor..
people will believe you soon..
people hoping for you to give them the best treatment..
i get jpa for 5 years i'm studying in this medical school..
so,just think..
the money actually from duit rakyat too..
don't take it for granted..
use the money that should use to buy books,but we use it to shopping or else..
just do it lillah kerana Allah..
if we're not studying,n just playing around all the time,
how come we can be a usefull doctor..
remember,we must answer it 'up there' soon..
i still remember the lecturer,indian opthalmologist,said that to us..
he said just don't think about money that you will get,
don't think to buy fair lady car soon n drive arrogantly at highway..
don't think to buy house at damansara..
but think your responsibility towards people soon..
that is what the doctor means..
they work for community..
n now teach yourself to become usefull person..

go! go!
just 8 more days left..
now i can feel the heat of final..
clinical symptoms : fever,shivering at normal temperature..haha..sweating a lot..tipu!) hAHA..
i just feel ralat because i 'm not sure that i can still maintain my result or not.?
seriously,year 2  syllabus are tough!
the exam seriously does killing us just at one glance..haha..melampau ar tuu kan..sepak kang!
okay..euphoria a little because a lot of things need to arrange n read n remember..
n now i know how hard to be a medical student..they do stress a lot during final..but i still want to be a 'pokchoz'( control macho)..don't like to psycho any of the student..
they do have their own learning style..
so just go on ana!


muniramir said...

chaiyo2 ana! u can do it:))

mercury_gurl said...

terima kasih munie...takotnyee..haha

Cimot said...

hihihi good luck dear.
just do your best, and Allah will take care of the rest. :)

mercury_gurl said...

thanks cimot..hehhe..good luck to you too dear :D