December 15, 2011

she's the man..

hye peeps..
dah tgk movie she's the man?? citer nie citer aku baru tgk..huhu..jakunn..@,@
it's just sooooo coooollll~~ haaaaa,i love it like a love song baby..haha..
the heroin is cooll,dare to take challenge even she's willing to disguise herself  as her brother..haha..ala-ala cerita hanakimi la,but this story is more interesting n funny..haha..

haha..cant stop laughing watching this romantic comedy movie..
the heroin of this story,amanda really did a good job..

haha..lets the person a boy or a girl?
haha..what a cute face hunn..
amanda disguised herself as her brother..
kalau ada guy yg muke cute mcm nie aku pun shukee..haha..

nak sign abg henshem..
soccer player in this story laa..
tp syg,his lips a little bit protrusion..keh3..

one of the hilarious scene..
sengal la..
use tempon to stop nose bleeding..
nice trick..haha..
hello,guys,nowadays you should know the uses of the tempon..


Cimot said...

hihihi dah lama dah tengok movie ni.
best gila.
channing tatum hensemmmm. :D

mercury_gurl said...

hahaha..tu la..ana baru tgk..sekali tgk gelak x henti2..hhaha..lawak..bytheway,thanks inform bout shoutbox..hehe..

Cimot said...

hihi ur welcome dear. ;)