December 11, 2011

longing for this...

aku teringin sgt3 nak beli benda alah nie..
but i don't know when..
just because the 'thing' is creepy expensive..
just wait for me to become a specialist then i can buy that thing..haha..
or wait for my hubby to give me the extravagant gift..rahaha..

truly awesome babe..
double layers of diamonds make this watch more lovely n cool..
but i don't really like the black background..

but there is another one that i really really admire with..
jantung berdegup kencang kojap..

bapak giler cantik jam nie..
aku x kira..even sekecik mana tgn aku pun,aku nak jgk beli menatang nie..hahaha..
very very beautiful n such a gorgeous thing..
the design is soo smart..
guess as usual,alwayss follow the current trend..
this watch is suitable to wear for every occasion..
either in casual way or formal way..
either in jeans or berbaju kurung..
semua sesuai bak kata hakak..
seriously sophisticated..
n i promise to myself that one day i will buy this watch.hahaha..

now i'm wearing this swatch watch..given by my amsyar at my 18 or 19th birthday..i have forgotten already..haha..slightly dimentia person..

tp satu la kelemahan aku..kalau bab diamonds2 nie,mmg cepat jela tercabut kalau aku pakai..
lasak girl..nie baru diamond ckit,belum lg jam kat ats tu..hoho..but i love this watch very much..
nice design too..n more special because it's given by someone special in your heart..


Cimot said...

kena puasa sepuluh tahun lah baru dapat GUESS tu. :'D

mercury_gurl said...

hahahha..kan..mahal giler kot..kena kawen dgn dato' baru lepas nak beli jam nie..