December 10, 2011


sad :(
worry about others thoughts...
worry about our beloved capten senamrobik,ekin's feeling..
just one thing that i can say just now,we all have done our best..we sacrified a lot of our time,energy to senamrobik..every night we spend time to practice was such an enjoyable time..never forget that!
our sporting leader,always give us friends n junior,always determine and energetic but we're not energetic enough during the game..haha..maybe because we're not blame each other because everyone has made mistakes at that time..ignore what people say,because they do not understand what we had to go through..if they sad,we're the players double sad..

meet some of our team..
from left..adeline,me,tira,farah n ummi najlaa..
pic credit to samhana's fb..

hahah..aku tuu kat depan..

okay,tu je la some of the photos senamrobik kitorang..

act,i am reaallyy touched with my friend's status fb..
no one can see and no one can understand it..

"Did not get any places in da game, doesn't mean we fail n not doing da bez.. I c the faces

 of hardworks, sacrificing times dat should b use as exam preparation.. Yes, we already win

 aceli.. da fun we had 2gether, no 1 can c n undrstand it.. Tenq n cngratulation 2 my 

senamrobik team =D


syapa said...

ana!! u n ur team hve done a great job kep!! dun wory....mng kalah adat prmainan...yg pnting kite sume enjoy!! btw sorii kite x dpt dtg...ade emergncy kna blek kg...wuwuwu...nk tgk korg...hmmm :'(

mercury_gurl said...'s okay syafa..thanks taw kasi semangat..hehe..